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Are traditional Learning & Development (L&D) approaches broken? You want to help your people develop key skills and behaviors that will propel your organization forward. Yet studies reveal employees forget up to 60% of what they hear in a typical L&D session—on the exact same day they hear it. And research shows that 7 out of 10 employees fail to ever transfer what they learn to their actual jobs. Something is clearly not working.
Clinging to legacy L&D methods is no longer an option. You need a way to add strategic value to your organization—especially at a time when L&D must prove ROI and business outcomes such as retention and P&L.


5 Reasons Why L&D Isn’t Working Today

The top five reasons current L&D solutions are failing you

How to move beyond L&D to get real results you can see (and measure)

Why companies like Logitech and Workday are turning to one-on-one coaching at scale to create lasting behavior change

Read the 5 Reasons Why L&D Isn’t Working Today, to learn: