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Professional coaching for women at all levels

BetterUp is partnering with Watermark to make coaching accessible to women at all levels.

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Empower yourself with a BetterUp coach to realize your potential, navigate challenges and advance your vision with confidence.

Experience the power of working with BetterUp and get unlimited access to an expert coach and learning resources for one full year. Your coaching package will include:

How BetterUp works

Anytime, anywhere coaching

Practice new skills, prepare for challenges, and work towards goals with face-to-face coaching sessions.

Always-on messaging

Get quick feedback, share updates, and ask questions anytime between sessions.

Continuous, just-in-time learning  

Bite-sized, coach-recommended exercises & evidence-based strategies anytime, anywhere.  

Why BetterUp?

"My coach has been amazing at providing me with tools and a contextual understanding  of some of the broader dynamics within leadership, power play, specifically related to gender. This has been tremendously valuable in helping me unlock some of the invisible barriers I face as I try to progress my career path."


Every woman who succeeds paves the way for future generations

Working with an expert coach, you will pursue your goals with clarity, purpose and passion:

Realize your potential

Your coach will guide you on a self-discovery journey to identify your values, strengths and passions so you can dream big about your future.

Develop new skills and habits

Your coach will practice, debrief with you and hold you accountable for building the habits that will accelerate your success.

Working with your coach, you will turn barriers and challenges into learning opportunities for problem solving, relationship-building or influence.

Identify & navigate challenges

BetterUp coaches are trained to build not only  leadership capabilities, but also inner resources such as focus, resilience and a growth mindset needed to drive your ability to learn, adapt and sustain performance.

Thrive personally and professionally

– Senior Software Engineer

Get the Brochure »

BetterUp will equip you with a professional coach and resources for one year, including:

  • Self-assessment using BetterUp’s Whole Person Model
  • Weekly sessions with a professional coach
  • Unlimited messaging with your coach in between sessions
  • Activities and microlearning hand selected for you by your coach
  • Reflection point assessment up to 2x / year to measure your progress