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"Inner work is the ultimate retention strategy."

Alexi Robichaux
CEO and Co-Founder, BetterUp

“An advisor’s job is to help the person work on the problem. A coach’s job is to let the problem work on the person.”

Fred Kofman
VP of Leadership, LinkedIn

“World class speakers and thought leader participants. Engaging, Enlightening, Energizing!”

— Chief Learning Officer, Merck

Session Highlights

Watch recorded sessions where our speakers share actionable insights for building a workplace more fulfilling and impactful than previously imaginable—one in which purpose drives businesses to greater and greater heights.

Fred Kofman, VP of Leadership & Organizational Development at LinkedIn emphasizes that employees without purpose will not deliver the same quality of work as those who see the larger picture in his session ‘How Do We Build Meaning in the Workplace’.

Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, provides critical insights for companies that want to build great teams and transform their organizations to be able to solve hard problems in her presentation on ‘The Future of Work’.

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte closes with his session, the ‘New World of Work’ where employees are increasingly overwhelmed by changing responsibilities and employers are expected to provide tools and support to help them stay motivated.

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