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San Francisco  |  January 23 & 24, 2018By Invitation

Welcome to Shift 2018

A growing body of research demonstrates that treating employees as unique individuals improves the bottom-line. These findings compelled many organizations to reimagine their innovation strategy, enabling their people to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. With this new freedom, employees need a new mental model of work, where imagination, purpose, and belonging prevail.


Day 1: Conference  |  Location: Walt Disney Family Museum

Reimagining Meaning at Work

This exclusive, day-long event, will gather an intimate group of thought leaders (see full list below). Participate in a spirited discussion of the shift needed to reimagine meaning at work.

Join us at this seminal event—where you’ll gain the inspiration and ideas to actively transform your organization. We’ll be waiting for you at the amazing Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, CA for a day of learning, collaboration, and maybe a little magic! 

Reimagining Meaning at Work: Speakers

Hotel Information

Book your hotel room before 12/29 and receive the conference rate of $279/night.

Simply go to BetterUp Conference or call 800-662-4455 and ask for the BetterUp room rate (code: BU9).

Shift 2018 Details

Tuesday, January 23rd, 8:30am-7pm

Day 1

Wednesday, January 24th, 9am-1pm

Day 2

Attire: Business Casual

Day 2: Workshops  |  Location: 251 Post St, Suite 620, San Francisco

The Agile Culture: Equipping the Workforce for Success in Times of Constant Change

Join BetterUp for a series on equipping the workforce for successful change. Dr. Levi Nieminen will explain how to leverage coaching to accelerate and enhance organizational transformation while Dr. Shonna Waters explores the role coaching plays in supporting adaptive performance.

The Agile Culture: Equipping the Workforce for Success in Times of Constant Change

As industries face increasing disruption, organizations must compete to reinvent and align around new strategies to win. Successful organizations will develop an understanding of how their culture accelerates or inhibits new strategies. Personalized coaching becomes a catalyzing ingredient. This workshop will include the following:

  • Exercise and peer discussion to illustrate the role of changing mindsets in changing cultures.
  • A brief lecture by Dr. Nieminen providing an overview of the latest in culture science and practice, highlighting the central role of personalized coaching.
  • Small groups “case competition” to develop program design recommendations for the use of coaching in culture transformation.

Levi Nieminen
Senior Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp

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Workshop led by Levi Nieminen

Day 2: Workshops

Day 1: Conference

The world of work is changing as a result of trends ranging from globalization, technology, and demographic shifts, to alternative work structures. These macro trends have micro implications, requiring employees to perform in interdependent and uncertain work contexts. Rapidly changing environments require individuals to adapt to ensure organizational success. This interactive workshop will include discussion and reflection. Workshop participants will:

  • Define adaptive performance.
  • Summarize the personal traits, environmental components and motivations that contribute to adaptive performance at work.
  • Discover how coaching can improve the adaptive capacity of people in your organization.

Shonna Waters
Senior Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp

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Workshop led by Shonna Waters

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at Shift 2018. If you are interested in joining future events, please provide us your information below.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018  |  8:30am-7:00pm
The Walt Disney Family Museum  |  104 Montgomery — The Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94129

Shift 2018 Agenda at a Glance

Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking   8:30am  |  Lower lobby

Welcome   8:40am  |  Theater

Jacinta Jimenez, PsyD
Head of Coaching, BetterUp

An Introduction: Meaning in the Workplace   8:45am  |  Theater

Alexi Robichaux
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, BetterUp

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The role of work in our lives and in society is changing. We are living in a world where people have heightened expectations around finding purpose and meaning at work. As the "social contract" between employer and employee changes, new opportunities are emerging for organizations to reimagine work to foster innovation and improve performance.

In his opening address, Alexi Robichaux will take a fresh look at work as a catalyst for human fulfillment and explore how leaders can set themselves—and the organizations they lead—up for success by rethinking some of the core features of modern work.

Pragmatic Imagination: New Ways of Being at Work   9:00am  |  Theater

John Seely Brown, PhD
Co-chair of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, Visiting Scholar at USC

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We are living in a new white water world that is changing quickly, and is radically hyperconnected. Yesterday's best practices are obsolete, and these exponential shifts are expected to increase in frequency and intensity over the next 20 to 40 years.

John Seely Brown will share the importance of effectively reading the currents of this new white water world to uncover what lies beneath the surface, and leverage these insights for action.

Fred Kofman, PhD
Vice President of Leadership & Organizational Development, LinkedIn and Director, Conscious Business Center

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How do we Build Meaning in the Workplace?   10:00am  |  Theater

Inspiration begins with purpose. Fred Kofman will explore how we find purpose and express our core values through our work. 

This highly interactive session will demonstrate the business case for integrating purpose into our everyday working environments, and will include a group activity. Fred will also share practical direction for facilitating a transformation towards purpose through a live coaching demonstration.

Robin Ely, PhD
Professor of Business Administration and faculty chair of the Gender Initiative, Harvard Business School

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Fireside Chat: Inclusion and Belonging   11:00am  |  Theater

Fern Mandelbaum
Lecturer in Management, Stanford University; Partner, Vista Venture Partners

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Ellen Levy, PhD
Managing Director, Silicon Valley Connect, former head of Corporate Development & Strategy at LinkedIn

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Join Robin Ely and Fern Mandelbaum for a conversation about innovation strategies for promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace. 

In this fireside chat moderated by Ellen Levy, Robin and Fern will discuss some of the most effective practices for creating diverse and inclusive work environments, and recruiting diverse teams. They will also explore the role purpose can play in helping underrepresented groups internalize a leadership identity.

Lunch   12:00pm  |  Awards Lobby

Steven Kotler
NY Times bestselling author (Bold, Abundance, Stealing Fire), award-winning journalist

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Fireside Chat: Unlocking Human Potential—Roots and Shoots Framework   1:15pm  |  Theater

Maggie Wooll
Lead, Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, Deloitte Consulting

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Leah Weiss, PhD
Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Principal Teacher and Trainer, Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Program

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Deloitte’s Roots and Shoots framework reflects the simultaneous need in our lives to cycle between slowing down (“roots”) and speeding up (“shoots”) to unlock and sustain our full potential.

Join Steven Kotler—New York Times Bestselling author and expert in human performance—and Leah Weiss—Stanford Professor and compassion and meditation teacher—for a conversation about the tangible actions we can take to implement and maintain Roots and Shoots practices in our daily lives.

Patty McCord
Workplace Innovator, Culture and Leadership Consultant and Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

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The Future of Work   2:00pm  |  Theater

As our world becomes increasingly more dynamic and connected, the conventional ways in which we work have become irrelevant. Many companies are struggling not only to understand and accept this certainty, but to identify the key catalysts behind this transformation.

Patty McCord will explore how demographics, technology, and consumer transparency have already changed the way we work, and explain why the idea of a “permanent employee” is no longer a realistic prospect. Patty will provide critical insights for companies that want to get ahead of the game as the future of work continues to advance.

Alexis Krivkovich
Partner at McKinsey & Company 

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A Future with Women at the Forefront   3:00pm  |  Theater

As employees increasingly seek purpose and meaning from their work, it’s critical to ensure that people across the organization are supported in this transition. Women remain underrepresented at every level in corporate America, despite earning more college degrees than men for over 30 years. There’s an urgent need to do more. Fortunately, organizational commitment to gender diversity is at an all-time high. But progress continues to be too slow and may even be stalling. 

Alexis Krivkovich will discuss key findings from McKinsey's groundbreaking 2017 Women in the Workplace study, as well as immediate steps we can all take to create a comprehensive plan for supporting and advancing women at work.

Jennifer Hanson
Head of Associate Experience & Benefits at Fidelity Investments

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Fireside Chat:  How to Transform Organizations Toward Meaning   4:00pm  |  Theater

Alexi Robichaux
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, BetterUp

Michael Ross
Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Visa

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Companies are shifting from focusing on mission to purpose. In this fireside chat, Jennifer Hanson and Michael Ross will explore what is driving this trend and how talent leaders can catalyze purpose and performance in the midst of organizational transformation. 

From their years of experience leading Human Resources teams at Fortune 500 companies, they will share best practices for who owns meaning in organizations, and what capabilities are necessary to cascade this transformation throughout organizations.

Josh Bersin
Principal and founder, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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New World of Work   4:45pm  |  Theater

The idea of a "job," with all of its properties such as job title, level, and description is vanishing. People are being hired to complete a project or lead a team, and are ready to move on as business needs change. As a result, retention and engagement are top priorities. 

We need to raise employee engagement from a Human Resources program to a core business strategy. In this closing address, Josh Bersin will share key strategies for creating workplaces that are “simply irresistible”.

Reception   5:30-7:00pm  |  Awards Lobby

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