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Ask An Expert: 
Research-Backed Ways to Maximize the ROI of Your Coaching Efforts


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Questions answered during this Q&A session include:

How do large organizations quantify the impact of coaching programs?

What does an ROI perspective reveal about who benefits most from coaching?

How do coaching benefits compare to other talent development strategies?

Despite research piling up over the last decade in support of the wide-ranging benefits of corporate coaching, HR and Development professionals continue to struggle to build a compelling business case for it.

Join Levi Nieminen, PhD and Regional Vice President of Behavioral Science at BetterUp, to discover how to understand the benefits of coaching and the reasons why the ability to quantify its ROI with greater confidence and precision has justified the need for higher-impact investments in coaching at the program-level.

Levi Nieminen, PhD
Regional Vice President of Behavioral Science, BetterUp

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Date:  Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2018

Time:  11am PT / 2pm ET

Duration: 45 minutes