Why Leadership Development Feels Broken and What To Do About It

Research shows Learning & Development (L&D) is now a $240 billion market—growing 7% this year alone.

Yet according to Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, today’s learning marketplace is going through disruption. While many L&D providers agree, they have yet to solve the problem—especially when it comes to leadership development. And that is a problem since 90% of CEOs believe a profoundly different type of leader is required to navigate this new economy.

Join Josh Bersin and the Human Capital Institute for a no-holds-barred look at today’s L&D and leadership development market. You’ll hear why traditional L&D solutions cannot keep pace with today’s business, and what must change for L&D programs to be successful.

You’ll come away from this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • Why the traditional L&D market is struggling
  • Where to prioritize your focus and L&D budget
  • How mobile coaching coupled with micro-learning is transforming L&D

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