10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Leadership Training Stick

10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Leadership Training Stick

Most leadership training and learning are based on the “Look at me” or “Look at them” emulation of best practices. In the real world, learning to lead is about a mixture of skills, attitude and depth of perception. It is challenging and difficult to learn in classroom or in emulation, simulation or lecture and exercises. In this Training Magazine session, Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. and CLO, Vignettes Learning will show you experience-based learning using 10 real-life situations that challenge, provoke and inspire learners to learn how to lead.

Topics covered:

  • The superficial world and real world of leaders – what matters?
  • Practicing the thinking processes to solve or inspire others.
  • 10 methods on how to lead others to make turnaround decisions, reflections and actions, transfer of expertise, big picture thinking, nudging and many more.
  • Tactics in leading very dispersed and digitally capable workers and team members.
  • Attend the sessions and preview and own six video snippets on how to make leadership learning engaging.

Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Architect of TrainingMagNetwork.com, Chief Learning Officer of Vignettes Learning

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