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Research-Backed Ways to Improve New Manager Success Rates

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You'll walk away from this discussion with:

A research-informed perspective on the nature of the challenge facing new managers and their organizations.

New insights into how pivotal the role of new managers is (even more so) in the future workplace.

Understanding why "traditional" tools and approaches to developing new managers are not enough to change human behavior.  

Knowing what’s top of mind for your peers as they struggle to shift from a culture of “managing performance” to “developing people as human beings”.

about the expert

Help new managers anticipate challenging situations and develop the inspirational leadership skills needed for success.

Join BetterUp's Regional Vice President of Behavioral Science and Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology PhD, Levi Nieminen, for this exclusive, interactive online discussion to get new perspectives on new manager development.

Levi Nieminen, PhD
Regional Vice President of Behavioral Science, BetterUp

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