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Half Isn't Going to Cut It: Take a Whole Person Approach

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You’ll walk away from this discussion knowing:

The psychological resources that research has shown to be associated with strong leaders such as well-being, productivity, and engagement

The leadership skills and behaviors that are most highly associated with employee performance, engagement, and loyalty

How a Whole Person approach to leadership development can help your organization stay competitive

As the world of work is quickly evolving, is your talent development approach preparing leaders to thrive and reach optimal performance? You could be missing key behaviors and skills like mindfulness, flow, resilience, and others that are now essential for leaders to thrive in your organization.

Learn how coaching combined with a whole person approach develops essential behaviors that result in stronger and more agile leaders for today’s world of work. On average, people developed using this approach see significant percentile improvements across key performance dimensions such as 10.1 lower burnout, 11.7 lower stress, and 14 higher resilience.

Join Dr. Damian Vaughn, an expert in organizational development, as he discusses the benefits of a whole person approach through his scientific research. He will share how this approach will help you develop stronger leaders that carry your organization forward.

Damian Vaughn, PhD
Chief Programs Officer, BetterUp

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