Meet a Senior
Behavioral Scientist

BetterUp experts partner with you to customize program design.

Shonna Waters, Senior Behavioral Scientist, BetterUp

Identify business priorities

Together, we’ll align your talent strategy with your business strategy so you can:

  • Increase organizational agility to innovate faster
  • Create a coaching culture to increase engagement and retention
  • Shift from a hierarchical to a networked organization

Identify key populations

Together, we’ll identify who should receive personalized development first.

  • People facing career transitions
  • People with changing work environments
  • People experiencing a major life transition

Identify areas for development

Together, we’ll identify a personalized development plan for each individual.

  • New mindsets that enable your people to be more adaptable to constant change
  • New behaviors that inspire loyalty and high-performance
  • New strategies for reducing stress and risk of burnout

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