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Peak Performance

What Happened When A Surgeon Hired A Coach

When surgeon Atul Gawande hit five years at his practice, his complication rates — which had been steadily dropping below the national averages every year — began to stall. And a few years after that, his improvements seemed to stop altogether. He thought, “Is this as good as I’m going to get?” Or could he […]

To be Great, Grit Isn't All That Matters

For years, psychologist Angela Duckworth has been hyperfocused on studying grit, which she says is “the single trait in our complex and wavering nature which accounts for success.” Grit is conceptualized as applying focused attention, resilience, perseverance, and dedication (in the form of time and effort) to a deliberate practice. It’s hard to imagine anyone […]

The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Dr. Jacinta Jimenez is Stanford University-trained licensed Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Board Certified Coach. She is the Head of Coaching at BetterUp. Everything is quiet, except for two noises: the rhythmic sound of the four Tanzanian men’s feet hitting the ground in unison as they run, and my inhales of sweet oxygen from the […]

Positive Psychology Lessons from an Olympic Medalist and Navy SEAL

Larsen Jensen is a former competitive swimmer, two-time Olympic medalist and former Navy SEAL. He recently stopped by the BetterUp office to share what he’s learned about perseverance, grit, humility, goal-setting, motivation, and the incredible influence that positive psychology has had on his career. This post is based off that talk. Success tends to have […]

The Most Important Lessons I Learned Playing in the NFL

Four hours. That’s how long it takes to play a single game of football. There is a winner and a loser. No matter what, it is always about you and your team vs. their team. For months, players and coaches work out strategies and sweat it out practicing on the field with a single goal in mind: to win.

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