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Parental Leave and Retirement is a Ramp, Not a Switch

The prevailing policy-based definition of major work-life transitions suggests that they happen all at once. One day you’re on the team — in meetings, answering emails, messaging colleagues. The next, you’re just…not. You wake up to the first in a long stretch of days as a retiree, or a new parent, nary a Slack message […]

Why The Secret To Great Coaching Lies in Motivation

An effective coaching program relies on motivation. But great coaches don’t motivate people; they foster the motivation that already exists in the individuals they coach. This is the focus of the keynote presentation I am giving at The International Coach Federation this week. Today, I’d like to share a bit about the unique model for […]

A Whole Person Approach to Development [VIDEO]

Research shows that when we bring our whole selves to work, we’re more creative and perform better*. But in order to develop leaders who are agile, authentic, self-aware, and resilient, we have to improve how we measure this type of development. Today’s leadership assessments miss a key ingredient for developing leaders who can sustain high […]

Daily Coaching, Daily Dividends: On the ROI of Coaching

Companies invest in leadership coaching for senior management and high potential employees with the expectation that coaching will improve performance and retention. But historically, the business impact of this type of coaching hasn’t been adequately quantified. As a result, coaching can be perceived as less valuable than it truly is, and it’s also more vulnerable […]

Why We Need to Reframe Potential into Readiness

For years, we’ve been investing in employees who show “potential.” We separate out those who show potential from those who don’t, and then route hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars into developing this elite group to rise up to the challenges of leadership. But research has shown that one-off training and […]

When Trusting Your Gut Can Get You in Trouble

An Interview with Don Moore, Professor at Berkeley-Haas School of Business When was the last time you relied on your gut to make an important decision? Turns out, overconfidence can be a big problem in organizations. As a professor of Management of Organizations at the Haas School of Business, Don Moore knows why.  He studies […]

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