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Happiness at Work

How to Make Vacation Mindset Last All Year Long

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us have vacation on the brain. But despite the well-known benefits of taking breaks, many of us struggle to disconnect from work. More than half of employees end the year with unused time off. This ends up costing employers in more ways than one, such as higher disengagement, […]

To Be A Better Leader, Start On the Inside, With Inner Work

On Monday, October 9th, we held our first-ever BetterUp #InnerWork day. We hope that this will become a long tradition at BetterUp as we actively re-imagine work to make it more effective, human, and fulfilling. The world of work is changing. This statement has become a perennial mantra of sorts, blazoned across everything from trade […]

8 Research-Backed Strategies to Make Stress Work for You

Sarah Greenberg is a lead coach at BetterUp. She is a Harvard-educated coach and licensed psychotherapist who has worked with leaders from top organizations, first responders in crisis situations, and even teens beating all odds to complete their education in rural Africa. She has witnessed the most extraordinary human resilience in the most extreme circumstances.   […]

Is Happiness the Key to Success?

Shawn Achor has dedicated his life to studying the relationship between happiness and success. A New York Times best-selling author and speaker whose TED talk has been viewed nearly 14 million times, he has helped thousands of individuals and organizations around the world find the power in positive thinking. He sits on BetterUp’s science board. […]

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