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Diversity and Inclusion

Announcing the Employee Experience Index: Why Moving Beyond Engagement is Essential

Engagement alone does not fully capture employee experience—links to business outcomes are much stronger for EX when it extends beyond engagement. For example, in our research we found that the relationship between EX and productivity was six times higher than for engagement alone. Many definitions of engagement fail to incorporate the full scope of EX […]

How to Foster Belonging and Inclusion in the Workplace

Robin Ely and Fern Mandelbaum recently spoke in a fireside chat moderated by Ellen Levy at BetterUp Shift 2018. The event brought together the most innovative leaders and thinkers in HR and people development to discuss how to infuse greater meaning into the employee experience. Ely and Mandelbaum discussed some of the most effective practices […]

Are Parents Happier (At Work)?

Becoming a parent signifies the end of many things: an uninterrupted night’s sleep, the ability to to take a night off at a moment’s notice, and perhaps, your fancy glass coffee table with the dangerously sharp ends. But, according to our researchers’ latest findings*, it’s also the beginning of a newfound appreciation of work (and […]

Better Policies are Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Year after year, companies spend billions of dollars on expanding employee benefits in the hopes of diversifying their workforce and improving retention. Examples of this effort abound. While only 17% of employers offered paid parental leave in 2016, the numbers are shifting as employers are realizing that supporting parents in the 21st century workplace is […]

Why Psychological Safety at Work Matters

As a Latina working for a technology company, reading the recent Atlantic cover story, Why is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women, struck a chord with me. This, along with a number of recent news stories from brave women in tech who are speaking out about the obstacles they are experiencing adds color to the […]

To Become More Diverse, Start Being More Inclusive

An entrepreneur, coach, teacher, and investor, Fern Mandelbaum is a Stanford Business School lecturer that specializes in entrepreneurship and inclusion. She has worked with CEOs and companies including LinkedIn and RelateIQ on leadership, culture, and inclusiveness. Fern is the Managing Partner at Vista Venture Partners. We sat down with her for this exclusive interview on […]

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