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Why Resilience is a Top Skill Needed in Today’s Workplace

In my work as a researcher at BetterUp Labs, I have an opportunity to speak with business leaders across multiple industries about their biggest challenges. One theme continues to emerge—change at breakneck speed has become the norm in business today and it’s overwhelming our workforces. Workplace environments are reaching a breaking point. Employees are under […]

People Managers: The Antidote to Employee Burnout

As employee burnout continues to rise in the workplace, many HR leaders are asking themselves: how do we stop it? According to a recent Gallup study, two-thirds of full-time workers are experiencing burnout on the job. The impact is considerable and costly, for both employees and businesses.   Employee burnout is hurting companies, from high […]

Superhero-ines: 3 Skills Women Use to Conquer Obstacles in the Workplace

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme #balanceforbetter encourages us to reflect upon what we each can do to build a gender balanced world. As an executive coach who works with rising female leaders, and creates programs and content for professionals around the globe, I am personally reflecting upon what we can do […]

Q&A with Equinix: Personalized Development for Employees through Coaching

Q&A with Equinix: Personalized Development for Employees through Coaching While fast growth can be an exciting time for a company, it can also present new challenges, Equinix, a global leader in colocation and digital interconnection, has grown rapidly, quadrupling the size of its business since 2010 with more than 7600 employees in over 24 countries, […]

The Path to Individual Transformation in the Workplace, Part Three

According to John Dewey, “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” Self-reflection is a part of Being, the third stage of individual growth and transformation—a stage that is often overlooked in learning and development programs across organizations today. This stage is a vital part of helping organizations foster agile workforces […]

The Path to Individual Transformation in the Workplace, Part Two

Malcolm Gladwell, author of “Outliers: The Story of Success,” said that, “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” The opportunity to practice new complex skills in today’s workplace is essential to employee growth. But many learning and development programs stop short of offering practice […]

The Path to Individual Transformation in the Workplace, Part One

by Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, MD, Chief Innovation Officer, BetterUp American corporations today spend an estimated $160B annually on learning and development initiatives aimed at transforming their organizations. Yet research shows that employees forget up to 75% of the material taught and revert back to old practices, wasting the bulk of that investment, with little progress […]

Reflections on Shift: Cracking the Code to People Transformation in the Workplace, and Beyond

Recently we had the good fortune to bring together world-renowned psychologists, academics, thought leaders, and HR practitioners from some of the largest global organizations to explore human potential and the future of the workplace at our annual Shift conference in Philadelphia. Shift has been a dream of mine and my co-founder, Eddie Medina, since we […]

BetterUp and Workday Partner to Enhance Worker, Workplace Well-Being

Today marks another milestone in our company journey to help workers at all levels flourish in the workplace via the use of coaching, technology and evidence-based research. To better support our customers in this endeavor, we have deepened our strategic and business partnership with one of the most driven and forward-thinking companies in finance and […]

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