How BetterUp Helped Logitech Scale Personalized Development

How BetterUp Helped Logitech Scale Personalized Development

As the Senior Director of Learning & Development at Logitech, Jessica Amortegui leads all learning and development programs for over 2,800 Logitech employees across over 30 countries. A lean team with limited resources, Jessica’s group must prioritize solutions that not only align with Logitech’s culture, but are also scaleable and cost-effective — no small feat for a team of two.
When it came time to explore new learning and development solutions that would engage team members, support personal and professional development, and offer continuous and personalized learning opportunities, Jessica’s team felt stuck with how to deliver programs that would result in measurable behavior change, until she discovered BetterUp. This is her story.
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Most learning solutions aren’t personally relevant. They can provide virtual reinforcement, but they can’t help someone dig more deeply into what they just experienced, and apply that knowledge toward what they are currently working on. At best, they’re catch-all solutions.
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Even for the most motivated managers, workshop and classroom experiences lead to small changes, but more likely, a return to the path of least resistance when it comes to doing things “the old way.” Being inspired for one or two days simply isn’t enough to change your behavior in the long term.
When I discovered BetterUp, I knew I had found the perfect solution for the program I was envisioning, one that would support Logitech’s culture of openness, humility, and challenge-seeking, while creating a personalized journey for each individual team member.
BetterUp was able to deliver a scalable coaching experience that seamlessly integrated into Logitech members’ day-to-day activities, and resulted in behavior change that’s positively impacted the entire organization.

We’ve found BetterUp to be one of the most impactful learning and development solutions we’ve implemented at Logitech.

With BetterUp coaching, Logitech members’ levels of stress improved 23 percentile points, and burnout improved by 18 percentile points. Their levels of hope improved by 15 percentile points, and optimism improved by 13 percentile points. 
We’ve found BetterUp to be one of the most impactful learning and development solutions we’ve implemented at Logitech. By working one-on-one with BetterUp coaches, our managers were equipped to better manage their mindsets and ultimately, have developed into stronger leaders. For anyone considering BetterUp coaching, I would say that if you want to significantly increase the impact of your learning and development programs, BetterUp coaching is the way to do it.

A 4.3x ROI

The improvements Logitech members saw at the individual level translate into substantial business impact at the population level. BetterUp’s assessments are tied to metrics that predict performance improvements, retention improvements, decreases in absence, and decreases in healthcare spend due to lowered stress. Based on the population level improvements achieved for Logitech, Logitech’s investment in BetterUp coaching is expected to yield a conservative 4.3x return on investment.

Leading at Logi + BetterUp

As an organization, Logitech seeks to develop the Whole Person, in terms of what people have to offer at work, while also fostering development that impacts their life outside of work.

When it came to creating a development program at Logitech, our initial focus was on managers. These individuals often have the most competing priorities, a team below them, and people to please above them. They’re stressed, overwhelmed, and often burned out, all while trying to translate strategic priorities into operational activities.
To support them, we launched two opt-in development programs we call Leading at Logi; both are grounded in positive psychology. One is for newer managers with 0-3 years of experience and one for those with 3+ years of experience. I strongly believe in an opt-in program because when people raise their hands, you see dramatically different results. At Logitech, all people managers, regardless of their team, are eligible to get BetterUp coaching. Since we introduced the programs, we’ve had about 110 newer managers go through them, and 30 more seasoned managers attend.

When people raise their hands, you see dramatically different results.

An integrated solution to Whole Person development

At Logitech, we want our managers to address how they manage their mindset so that they can bring their best selves to their teams. We believe that this happens when they’re are able to thrive both personally and professionally. BetterUp is intentionally designed to integrate into individuals’ lives so they can work on developing skills on an ongoing  basis and ultimately transform themselves and in turn, our organization.
Having an internal learning and development program paired with BetterUp coaching significantly amplified the results of our overall efforts.
BetterUp wasn’t just a one-size-fits all solution. We worked with the team to align our efforts with Logitech’s culture and strategic goals. Coaches focused on five learning topics that most closely aligned with Logitech’s needs. BetterUp coaching was personalized to address behaviors that support openness, humility, collaboration, and effective decision making.

The results: decreased stress & burnout, increased hope & optimism, across the organization

One of our goals as an organization is to have more people feel like they’re being seen. With BetterUp, we were able to give people both the support they need to start working toward their individual goals, as well as the acknowledgement of being seen by our organization.
By offering this benefit to our team members, we can improve the psychological resources that drive job performance, improve retention, and increase well-being, all while providing individuals with much-needed support for their own long-term career development. Beyond the feedback that people found BetterUp coaching to be incredibly beneficial, we saw incredible results:

  • Levels of stress improved 23 percentile points, and burnout improved by 18 percentile points.
  • Levels of hope improved by 15 percentile points, and optimism improved by 13 percentile points

Overall, individuals who went through BetterUp coaching were overwhelmingly positive about their experience, saying that they loved their coach, felt it was a unique experience they couldn’t get elsewhere, and that they walked away feeling grateful and appreciative. As the head of L&D, I couldn’t ask for more.

Managers who went through BetterUp coaching expressed that they had been given an opportunity that was invaluable beyond words.

Personalized development, at scale

BetterUp coaching has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to individually touch employees across our entire organization, regardless of their function, team, and location. Historically, coaching has been something most companies reserve for executives, but BetterUp has allowed us to bring this invaluable resource to more individuals who need just as much support (if not more!) to overcome challenges that can ultimately make them more engaged, less stressed, and more productive.
When we first started exploring solutions, we asked, “How can we individually meet people where they are, and take them to where they want to go, in a scalable way?” There was no better solution on the market than BetterUp. Simply put: no one else offered the kind of personalized, continuous learning to individuals, all based on their unique needs. Logitech members communicated with their BetterUp coaches directly in the platform to set up weekly 1:1 coaching sessions. After each session, their coaches would provide them with resources from a rich library of content to engage them in micro-learning opportunities to practice their skills. By dedicating 30 minutes per week to personalized BetterUp coaching sessions, members were able to work on their skills on an ongoing basis, which ultimately led them to lasting behavior change. I couldn’t believe how incredibly easy it was to implement and deploy BetterUp, and the genuine feeling of enthusiasm for learning and sustained behavior change it created among members.
Now that we’ve seen such success with our initial cohorts of managers, we’re excited to explore the possibility of offering BetterUp coaching to individual contributors at Logitech, and to also focus BetterUp coaching on transition moments, such as return from parental leave, grief leave, and relocation. The possibilities are limitless; when you can help each individual succeed in achieving their goals and improve their mindset, giving them what they need at that moment in their lives, the effects spread from the middle and out to the entire organization.
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