Our values


Dare often and greatly.


Our work ennobles us.


The best ideas come from a happy heart.


Effort and perseverance turn talent into results.


Innovation starts with understanding.


Live with enthusiasm, energy and personality.

We love working here.
We think you would, too.

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Leadership team

Alexi Robichaux
Alexi Robichaux Cofounder & CEO
Eddie Medina
Eddie Medina Cofounder & COO
Shevaun Lee
Shevaun Lee Vice President of Client Partnerships
Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, M.D.
Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, M.D. Chief Innovation Officer
Dr. Damian Vaughn, Ph.D.
Dr. Damian Vaughn, Ph.D. Chief Programs Officer
Dr. Jacinta Jimenez, Psy.D.
Dr. Jacinta Jimenez, Psy.D. Head of Coaching
Ryan Sonnek
Ryan Sonnek Chief Technology Officer
Susan Hwang
Susan Hwang Director of People Operations
Jamie Jarman
Jamie Jarman Director of Product
Mark Horton
Mark Horton Vice President of Marketing

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Our investors

DJF, freestyle.vc, Crosslink Capital, SocialCapital, and SVAngel.